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IDS Borjomi

Welcome dear friends! Thank you for your interest in our resort. This website was created through the initiative and with the support of IDS Borjomi Georgia.

IDS Borjomi Georgia is the undisputed leader in the Georgian mineral water market. The company’s portfolio includes the following brands of mineral water: “Borjomi”, “Likani”, “Borjomi Springs”, “Bakuriani” and “Mitarbi”. All brands produced by our company come from the Borjomi region and are named after the place where the mineral water deposit is located. There are 750 employees that work at IDS Borjomi. For each of them the mineral water brands within the company’s portfolio are not only products that are in demand on the market, but they are also real national treasures that have survived through time and have been recognized by the world as a symbol of Georgian identity. Our priority is to maintain our high quality product. Our mission is to live up the customers’ expectations, and to maintain and enhance their confidence. Today IDS Borjomi Georgia is represented in more than 40 countries by its world-famous brand, “Borjomi”. This website serves one goal: to attract tourists to the Borjomi Region. We want more and more people to visit this beautiful part of Georgia, to come and enjoy the wonderful resorts, and to taste the spectacular mineral water that this region has to offer. We hope that our website will help you to choose the desirable resort and help you have a lovely time.

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  • 20 May 2014

    New website created

    შეიქმნა ახალი ვებ-გვერდი ,რომელიც საშუალებას მოგცემთ მიიღოთ ტურისტული ინფორმაცია ბორჯომის რეგიონში არსებული კურორტების, სასტუმროების, მინერალური წყლების, ღირშესანიშნაობების... Find More